Introducing “The Scenic Eclipse”

The Travel World is magnetic, exciting, and always changing...... which follows the footsteps of our daily world! So, sometimes it really takes a bombshell to turn our heads.

Well, let me tell you, my head is spinning with the entry of the Scenic Eclipse to the world's cruise market! And I predict yours will too!

Sleek and visually spacious and yet so very intimate, and conveys a very unique invitation to its guests to see and experience our world through a different lens. Not only will you sail the oceans to the ports of calls of your dreams, but you will have the opportunity to fly over them .....around them and under them!

Yes, unbelievably the Scenic Eclipse offers its own helicopter excursions, with not just one, but two helicoptors that sail with the ship, and are as much of the experience as the exquisite cuisine, and the amazing .....down to the last detail...... staterooms.

But wait, there's more, the mysterious world under the sea will be part of your discoveries..... yep! a mini-submarine housed on the ship will allow a rare glimpse of the ocean below.

I could go on and on...... there's so much more! If you are ready to step into the future of cruising, call Altair Travel and Cruises for your preview brochure of the Scenic Eclipse and be one of the first to experience the wonders she offers. The Inaugural Sailing is scheduled for August , 2018. Already 60% of the sailings for 2018 are reserved.

The Arctic circle, Antarctica, Europe, Caribbean....... are calling you. If you are a seasoned cruiser looking for the newest, or a seasoned armchair traveler ready to see the world, allows us to present you with this technological masterpiece. Remember, you heard it here first...... Altair Travel and Cruises...... St Louis' leading agency for 35 years........ we'd love to hear from you.

Pat Blassie, President

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