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Altair Advantage – April 2, 2017

IT’S OPENING DAY and OUR CARDINALS ARE BACK….. YAHOO!……. Take me out to the ball game……. Spring is officially here! Now’s the time to start planning with what wonderful memories Altair can help you create …. a few thoughts….. The Cardinal Cruise in January …..parties…. autographs…. so much fun traveling with Fredbird and other Cardinal… Read more »

Altair Advantage – March 19, 2017

Sometimes “sticker shock” gets in the way of making a good choice or decision……I’ve done it, and probably most consumers have…….. when shopping for a different car…… an item for your home….. and also TRAVEL……. ALTAIR TRAVEL and CRUISES is heading into it’s 37th year………so our agents understand and have learned how to make sure… Read more »

Altair Advantage – March 12, 2017

We’ve heard from many of you wanting information on the HEIDI GLAUS Show Me River Cruise with AMA WATERWAYS on the Danube River sailing from Budapest to Prague………in June, 2018….. I would love to talk to you about the details, because I will be joining Heidi on this fabled river so rich in history……. Altair… Read more »

Chat with Pat - Show Me St. Louis


Pamela and I would like to give a special thanks to Bob Reinneck. We are planning an Alaskan vacation. Bob helped us pick the right trip for us, then took extra time to send us info he had to print up on side excursions. He also sent us reviews on the excursions to help us choose. We are looking forward to Alaska in July!


Lynne Chism planned our dream trip to Europe (London, Paris, Venice, Rome) and we couldn't be happier we trusted her! She went above and beyond, time and again, to make our dream a reality! From choosing the perfect hand-picked hotels for us, arranging travel in-between cities, printing out maps and even telling our hotel we were celebrating our anniversary (we were given champagne to celebrate!), we couldn't be more grateful for all she did for us!!! Thank you Lynne Chism and Altair Travel! We would highly recommend Lynne and Altair for anyone planning a trip (big or small)!!!

Laura H.

Betty Sterling is the best travel agent. She took my husband and me to Australia in 2001. She has been a friend ever since,and of course our travel agent. With Betty you get her husband Mike, a great and fun couple.


Becky Pflasterer is the BEST travel consultant. She is professionally and personally committed to ensuring our vacations always exceed our expectations. Thank you, Becky!

Brenda H.